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Runescape is a MMORPG. Due to its characteristics it currently has nine million free players and more than 800,000 subscribers.

However why it is so popular
There are hundreds of single player games in the market and many of them are free and dozens of online games.

Why does Runescape enjoy such an audience?
The main reason why this game enjoys such popularity is that it is programmed in JAVA…

That means that you can play it in any OS platform: Windows, Linux or even in MAC OS. The second most important motive is that it can run from any internet browser capable of using JAVA…and also it means that it won’t consume your machines resources. The game takes place in the fantasy world of Gielinor which is divided into several locations… People can travel through the game in different ways…by foot, through magical teleportation, or mechanical devices. Additionally each region offers different quests…There is an additional issue though. What is a MMORPG?

stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. There are many of these games now available… thanks to the appearances of the internet. Basically… it is a virtual world in which you can play a determined character and interact with other people located in different parts of the world…The intention of the MMORPG is to acquire experience, or skills, in order to advance in the game. That way your character acquires more knowledge and power which can be used for acquiring better items and for fighting more difficult adversaries. In most of the cases you need to pay a monthly fee for playing the game.

The revenue of this industry is approximately of US$1.3 billion and its expected to triplicate by the end of 2009. Most of the gamers come from the United States, South Korea and China. Although MMORPG may be considered something new but they’re quite old (in computer terms) since they go back to the mid 1990’s.

Why Do Hackers Target Runescape Accounts?
Now that we understand more about the popularity of Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games and especially the popularity of Runescape its so obvious why so many people are interested in hacking Runescape accounts. However… what is the final intention of creating hacking programs for Runescape? Hackers are strange and funny people…Their motives can be varied, depending on their alignment. There are white hackers
(people who hack computers for ethical reasons!!) 😀

Example1: help corporations with their security systems, black hackers (individuals who hack computers in order to obtain a benefit for themselves) and grey hackers (people who walk a mid-line between white and black hackers depending on their mood or their need for money). So..they can do it for obtaining a personal benefit.

Example2: They may detect a Runescape character that has a high level and alot of valuable items. They may hack it in order to steal them or their belongings and use them for their own character… Of course, there is no court to appeal to. There isn’t a legal frame that protects people from these kinds of acts yet.  XD

How Are Runescape Accounts Hacked?

Hacking on Runescape can come from different sources. One of them is by the use of determined programs…

Example: A Runescape file that has been tampered and hung up in a download site… All the victims who download it can be the subjects of intrusion by a hacker. Spyware is another mean to hack your Runescape account. (A specially designed program could be installed, without your knowledge, in your computer.) This program will store in a file all the keys that you digit while using your PC. After determined amount of data has been collected the program will send the info back to its creator. Simple but devious.

How Can You Prevent Runescape Hacking?
Runescape hacking programs and Runescape hacking tools/tutorials are easy to access. The question is how can you protect yourself?… The first step is to have your web browser and your computer software completely up to date. Security weaknesses can be exploited from almost any piece of software loaded by your computer.

Another step that you need to take is to assure yourself that you have installed a firewall (an anti-spyware program and an antivirus) running in real time. The lack of any of these three can be an open invitation for any hacker who wants to steal your character’s equipment and treasure.
Another important step is to be careful from where do you download the game… Use only official sites and avoid strange mirror sites or downloads from peer-to-peer file sharing programs like Kazaa, EMule or even BitTorrent.(fake websites for downloading files!) You may not know if the program was tampered or not.

Unfortunately.. hacking Runescape accounts isn’t very difficult.. all you need is some computer skills and a web browser in order to find the instructions for doing so. Or you can use one of the many hacking programs for Runescape that are available for free. So PLEASE! be careful!..alert! and beware! of the numerous hackers that are surfing the web. ;D


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