Anarchians!! (about us)


first of all its pronounced ezz-kay. lol. well I am a computer enthusiast, studying in UK, who believes that only way you can learn more is to share what you already know. I specialise in Networking, Programming, onlin and computer security and pretty much ANY other thing related to computing  This website is about anything to do with computers. This site and this group (ANARCHIA) was just a random thing that i thought of during my vacations. And now, it has become an excuse to learn more and interact with people who share the same interest as us.

keep visiting. this blog will be updated daily. if it doesnt give us a shout by commenting on any of our previous posts and we will get back on track 😉

If anyone wants to contact me for legitimate queries related to computing or if they are interested in becoming contributors for Anarchia then feel free to add me on facebook or you could follow me on twitter or you can mail me, my email address is




Hi guys I am Ella, I specialise in Web Designing and Web Hacking. Anything to do with website creation, world wide web. .com business, I am the person to talk to. Anarchia is a great group with a friendly, encouraging environment which gives people like us a chance to use our skills to be siphoned in a constructive way. I am basically taking care of the web designing and graphics part of Anarciha and I have a lot in mind for the next few months. So keep visiting and enjoy



waddup guys, I am jag and I am based in the united kingdom. I specialise in software cracking and networking. I was one of the first people to be approached by Ezzk07 with a great new idea which has now evolved to ANARCHIA. Like ella already mentioned. its one kick ass group. Its really amazing how much a preson can learn if there is a whole fucking group of elites backing him up. Anarchia has a long way to go but all of us seriously thank you guys, the reader, for visiting Anarchia and making the number of visits to 1000 in the first month. Cheers



I am one of the recent additions to Anarchia and to tell you honestly I still have a lot to learn before I can do justice when i say that i specialise in whatever. This site attracted me cause they really give a chance to new comers and the word nOOb is not there in their dictionary. It’s a really helpful gang and Its a friggin roller coaster ride being with these guys. Its never too late to learn! cya



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