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Hey people .. by now its pretty certain that you have explored the whole website and the only reason you are on this page is cause you are curious as to our future activities and wanna know more about Anarchia or maybe join us .. or its just that this was the last page on this website left unexplored by you and you wanted to look around

By the way, if you didnt know already, Anarchia has been shifted to a much better location:

so if you haven’t already, visit it now!!

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Thats right! Anarchia has a group on facebook where you can discuss hacking and computer security. Click HERE to check it out. and don’t forget to invite your friends to the group!

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Like i already said, Anarchia has actually been shifted to another location. Well, Anarcrypt is registered with Feedburner, meaning you can get the latest articles in your inbox!! dont worry, your contact info is safe with me!

It does not matter whether you prefer Anarchia or my other site, Anarcrypt. all of the above methods will allow you to get updates from both sites.

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you can mail me at if you are stuck with something, having problems with PC, want to learn hacking, interested in writing for Anarchia or just for general inquiries. You can also add me on Facebook

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