what the F.A.Q!

hello once again.

As you all know by now, I am very much active on Facebook and Twitter. And I do get quite a lot of questions from good people who are very much interested in either hacking or to safeguard themselves online or just want to beef up their system. And I really like to sort out such problems and help as much as I can. But some questions do start to repeat themselves over and over again.

For that purpose, I have created this page on Anarchia. I personally will keep updating this page as I come across new questions which will interest the general public and also help those who have a problem with their PC which I have reviewd earlier.

I urge all those in need of help to ontact me either via Facebook or Twitter

Be rest assured that I am not going to flame you, ridicule you or make fun of your intelligence. We ALL have to start somewhere

For privacy purposes I am just going to mention the initials of the person with the query.

lot of people: I am not a techie and dont understand difficult things related to hacking but I would like to learn….

Ezzk07: we try our best to make the articles as simple as possible so that a more broader range of people understand and we do a good job at it 🙂 . And ofcourse comment on the article’s page itself to tell me what you think about it. So dont be shy to visit Anarchia and post your doubt on the comment board or message me on facebook. I wont flame you.

lot of people: i wnt to knw hw to hack facebook accountx…plx help friend!

Ezzk07: I have managed to write a long and very informative post on hacking facebook. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. but I suggest you read the whole thing first. the link is https://anarchia3lites.wordpress.com/2009/10/29/fbhacking/
keep in touch

lot of people: Hi,ezzk.i wnt to hck a yahoo accout.can u hlp me about it. or how to get msn,yahoo and facebook id back ??? through hacking??

Ezzk07: here is the link to the article you are looking for .. .and best of all .. no downloading fake softwares required … this article actually explains ways to hack a facebook account but all these ways can be used to hack virtually any account (given the right amount of time, skills and yes, luck also)


R.K: …sometimes facebook guys make their account and then they hack us…

Ezzk07: belive me … lot of people think that some random person who doesnt even know you can just sit on his computer for 5 mins, start up a program and hack your account. that is not true. every single account hacked in the past has been due to the carelessness of the account holder! I repeat, as far as I know, there is no such program that can just find out your password.
unless you dont make a mistake .. your account is safe … some articles on Anarchia will show you how accounts are hacked and from that you can infer how to keep it safe


Unique Questions:

S.H: man, because of a virus, my task manager is disabled and the nod32 antivirus version 4 doesnt detect any presence for a virus what should i do ?plz help

Ezzk07: that is messed up. but not unrepairable! first of: screw nod32, go online and get a free virus scan online from comodo or kaspersky or any other you prefer (just google them out) but do it from a reliable company. they will scan your computer through the browser itself. once you are confirmed virus free then there are some hacks using the Read moreregistry (run – regedit) and group policy editor (run – gpedit.msc). I will write a new article on my site very soon. in the meanwhile add me for further help or info …………. I have just added a new article on my site – anarchia.tk – which explains how to get the task manager back if it has been disabled by a virus (like in your case). here is the link to the article: https://anarchia3lites.wordpress.com/2009/11/05/taskmgr-disabled/

S.H: i did what u said about fake login page about facebook in ur website anarchia ( topic under” all u need to know about facebook hacking”)
well so when i press on the link i get a fake facebook login page, lets fill with something…..but when the victim press login >>nothing takes place!! even there is nothing written in my pass.php file that i uploaded to the host web…mm what should i do….?

Ezzk07: when you download the zip folder and extract it you will find two files .. one Facebook.htm and the other Pass.php.php . right click on Pass.php.php and select “edit with notepad” once you are in change the address http://rafayhackingarticles.blogspot.com to the address of your site. eg. http://www.myfakefacebook.com (remember this is just an example .. u have to give a longer name to your website so that people cant easily find that it is fake) then just upload all these files to a web hosting service like http://www.110mb.com

also, do not forget to change the value of action
first try change it to pass.php … if that doesnt work then try pass.php.php

this should do the trick
just remember to use this trick wisely and you that you could get into trouble if caught .. those tutorials was for educational purposes only. (lol. i had to add this last sentence because of legal reason 🙂 )
good luck.

(note: the problem was sorted and S.H was successfully able to completely understand what a phishing attack is capable of. cheers man keep up the good work!)

K.B.S: hi man plz ,is there a way that can make a keylogger being installed in a system by just clicking on a link ? and at the same time send me logs to my host web or email remotly ?? 10x

Ezzk07: no there is no way you can install a key logger on a victim’s account by fooling him/her to just click on a link. its a software. and softwares have to be installed by the person sitting on the computer. or by you creating a backdoor on that system and getting elevated admin rights to install it youself (sounds complicated right? its more complicated than it sounds) … doing something like that takes years of experience as a hacker, knowing in an out of windows, knowing vulnerabilities of the OS your victim is using and tons more … i havent written about that yet … and wont be able to in the near future .. hope this was useful

L.B: hey hey
sorry to disturb you
well im just writing to you because i have a few questions which remain unanswered
& i guess you d be the best adviser i can get as i read your tips
you know what you r talking about
congrats for your website & blog
they r very interesting to read & very understandable
even for noobs like me 😀

you must have been asked countless number of times ‘ how to hack a yahoo account ‘ hahaha
well my question s a bit more subtle
im aware of many methods but i have no idea what to do

my friend s id got hacked by his colleague at work who saw his information written on the notepad
typical !! he s been very foolish i admit
the ‘ hacker ‘ eventually changed his password as well as the secret question… how clever …
he didnt change the other information like location, birthdate & so on
they only thing we can do is to ‘ block ‘ the account for 24h replying randomly but it s lame & wont change anything
my friend contacted yahoo support many times & so did i
no reply from them after several month..

we found out the ‘ hacker ‘ made a facebook account with the hacked yahoo id !!

we tried to send emails to the hacked id
hoping for a reply so that we could get the IP address of the ‘ hacker ‘, in vain
it s impossible to get into a real contact
we cant trap him

what would be the best way to get the password back ?
he s not that dumb to click on fake log in pages
he never shows online & doesnt reply
what would you advise us to do ? is there any way to get the account back or we should say farewell to it :(( ?

im looking forward to hearing from you

Ezzk: you have asked me a good question .. its so different from the thing I hear that I was far from bored to read the whole message

like the problem .. the solution to that will also be a long message 🙂

first of all .. there are a lot of variables …

this hacker .. lets call him bob .. ok so bob got the credentials from a post-it note …

Do you know the identity of this bob? if you do then there are a few things you can do

1)install a keylogger/spyware on bob the hacker’s system (if you have access to it) and get the password back
2)if your friend and bob are working in the same network. you can contact the administrator and notify him of the problem. he will take actions against the hacker and most probably threaten to report this if bob doesnt give the account back
3)or you and your friend can confront him and convince him to give the ID back
4)following the argument that you have access to his computer. you could change the homepage of his default web browser to a website that you are hosting (a fake login website). this will be noticeable. but you have to understand that everyone makes mistake. especially on Mon morning
5)again if you have bob’s comp in front of you. go to options –> saved passwords –> and see if he saved the password of your friends email id

if you dont know him … then:
1)if he is working in the same office but you do not know his identity then you could use a packet sniffer. which basically records all information sent in and out of the network . (but i dont know how successful you will be because operating a packet sniffer is not easy. and i havent taught it yet in my blog). all unprotected data of the rest of the colleagues will be in your hands .. If caught this will spell disaster for your friend
2)you could try your luck with a fake link … be innovative .. if your friend has a girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse then send the email through your friends partner’s email id (with the permission of the partner) to your hacked id writing in the mail that this link (the fake link) will direct ‘the reader'(in our case bob) to some personal private pics of the couple on facebook. his curiosity will overcome his caution. the link will actually lead to a fake yahoo page. he will think that he got disconnected and will sign in on your page. and then its over. you are the victor. this i feel has the best chance of success. for this to work you need a legit email id to send it from. a girls
3)You have to constantly contact yahoo support. I know it seems pointless but you may get lucky. send them the old password and the email id . if luck is with you they will send you a temp password for your account
4)try guessing the password (i know i know this sounds lame but you have to do everything you can to get it ) sometimes people get lucky.make this your last and most desperate option.

these are all the things you can try … but i will be honest with you chances of recovering the mail is very tough .. if any of these methods work then thats great .. or else you friend will have to say goodbye to his email account. but for next time .. ask him to try gmail or hotmail .. and never to be careless with the password

your question is unique so If you dont mind i will be posting it on my website .. your identity will be hidden ofcourse

hope this has been useful.

I will keep updating this page. I am leaving this page open for comments so if you have any problems post it freely here. Any comments by people ridiculing others WILL BE DELETED without any notice.

also you can ask me on Facebook . all you have to do is add me!



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  1. samer


    man really even i am a normale person and not a hacker….but i find all ur topics easy to understand,,,,10x a lot and best luck 🙂


  2. ezzk07


    no problem at all …
    have fun & keep visiting



  3. Rose


    im a regular on ur site ezzk. i dont think i need to say u do a good job.in this section…u js knw wat to say! iv had quite a few doubts n whenever i asked some computer ‘genius’ for advice…all i got were a-lot of words.but u js speak like a normal guy!
    so i js thot id let u knw….keep posting.ur doing gr8!!


  4. ezzk07


    Thanks Love …



  5. rishabh


    im new to all dis nd i jus luv readng ur articles. great job done and kudos for that. i jus wanted to say that if u would also include xp in ur reg hacks dat wld be mor than helpful coz though vista is launched many still prefer xp and also pls explain how to create a backup reg for xp user ….thnx in advance…tc


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