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With this blog, I don’t intend to stop writing any time soon.

All the articles from anarchia.tk have been shifted to the new location and have been archived in a very simplistic manner making it easy for you to read it or go through it again, at your conveniance!

Furthermore, some 4 or 5 new articles have been added and this will go on so that you have a fresh article everyday to read.

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Most of you who are reading this have visited this blog before but havent visited this page. And some of you have come to |_4n4Rch14_| AnArChiA for the first time. Well for the benefit of the new comers I am going to give you a brief overview on what this BL0G is about and take y0u on a short tour. Right on this page

What is Anarchia?

Anarchia is the need or choice to Bend the rules. To go where few have gone before. To do what few done before. I say few because the need for mankind to prove itself has pushed it to try and be in all places at once, to know everything at once. If you do what no one has done before, you are a true Anarchian.

Anarchia is the name I gave to our group. A group filled with tech heads and greasemonkeys, brimming with techno babble and tips for everyone! Currently I am updating and maintaining this site by myself.

note: this site will be mostly concerned with computing and Hacking but if we get a decent reception and more people get to know about us then we can and we would love to … expand Anarchia. So please … SPREAD THE WORLD … if you like this blog!

This blog was made with newbies also in mind. It will help newbies just as much as the advanced user so bear with us if we bore you with some basic tutorials … everyone has to start somwhere and we are determined to help the new comers. They are the future hackers !!!

Some of the topics this blog covers are:


sub categories:

top posts read in this section (as of 17/03/2010):

  1. All you need to know about hacking FACEBOOK (590 hits)
  2. Camera hacking with Google (423 hits)
  3. 8 amazing facebook HACKS (342 hits)
  4. How to hack Gmail account (308 hits)
  5. Hacks with Command Prompt (326 hits)
  6. Hacking (292 hits)


Sub categories:

top posts read in this section (as of 17/03/2010):

  1. Rainmeter (1,107 hits)
  2. Rainmeter skins and how to make them (602 hits)
  3. Rainmeter skin settings (571 hits)
  4. RocketDock (218 hits)
  5. Add-ons for RocketDock (134 hits)


sub categories:

top posts read in this section (as of 17/03/2010):

  1. Hacks with Command Prompt (326 hits)
  2. Command prompt tutorial 6 – Advanced (320 hits)
  3. Javascript – Browser detection (309 hits)
  4. Command prompt tutorial 7 – Netstat made easy (287 hits)
  5. Background as a website (190 hits)

Hardware Reviews

top posts read in this section (as of 17/03/2010):

  1. Asus Motherboard Rampage Gene 2 Overview (407 hits)
  2. Apple Tablet To Redefine Newspapers, Textbooks and Magazines (341 hits)
  3. Nvidia’s next generation CUDA architecture (304 hits)
  4. Kindle DX (274 hits)

<More Categories will be updated shortly>

It is highly recommended that you read the Disclaimer before going to the hacking articles

This was the shortest I could condense our tour to. Hope this was not overwhelming at the same time too brief!! it should do just fine!

Please go to Contact Anarchia if you liked this blog and would like to say so or if you have any queries regarding your computer (it is advisable to go to the F.A.Q section to see if your question hasn’t been repeated before … cheers!) or if you just want to chill out with us!

visit Anarchians if you want to know more about us

Keep visiting


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