Please read this page before moving on to the posts on “hacking” and other such topics. All though I do not like writing this page. It has be done if we don’t want to get sued by some nut job!


  • This site, http://www.anarchia.tk, does not encourage cracking (the unauthorized intrusion on a systems, websites or any server belonging to another person or entity) or other such illeagal activities. The information on this site can be used to safeguard oneself or to take part in illegal activities. The decision is solely yours to take. Anarchia does not hold any responsibility or liability for its reader’s action. Anarchia team clearly warns that cracking and other such illegal activities can land you in jail or worse.

Term of Use:

  • The information on this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. As stated earlier, Anarchia team will not hold any responsibility or liability if any information posted on this site, is used for malicious end by you (the reader, the visitor, etc.)
  • the term ‘hacking’ should be taken in the context of ‘ethical hacking’ as much as possible. Remember, there is a fine line between hacking and cracking.
  • You, the visitors, are most welcome to use the comment board to share your views on the articles posted on this site. However, No form of profane language can be used to insult anyone on this site. Such comments, if made, will be deleted permanently and without the consent of the author. Claims of censorship and freedom of speech will do you no good. Respect your fellow hackers.

Copyright policy:

  • No information on this site can be reproduced in the form of a web article, report, news letter, or published and distributed in any way without the prior consent of the author of that particular article and the administrator of www.anarchia.tk
  • In the case of a consent. The information taken from anarchia should be properly referenced and the URL of this site be published along with the material.

Privacy Policy:

  • Anarchia welcomes email and messages regarding any computer problem or any other problem the reader might be facing. if Anarchia is contacted by you, the visitor, then be rest assured that the contact details will not be sold to any third party for advertisement purposes or for any malicious purposes.
  • Anarchia does not hold any responsibility for any problems faced by you, while using any product or service mentioned in this website. It is advisable to contact the maker of that particular product/service.

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