Rainmeter Skins and how to make them

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Hey there folks. first of all Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim Readers. Have a Blast!!

Moving on. I wrote a post yesterday on Rainmeter and how to go about it’s installation and its applications. Today I will tell you about how to get different skins and how to make skins.

First of all, if you are like me then you will get bored of the rainmeter arrangement you made within a month max. So the question arises where to get better and different looking themes. Well this is the most obvious answer you will get but … google is your friend. Your best bet is to just search Rainmeter skins on google. That is if you want to search manually and look for some other source of rainmeter skins rather than go with the choice mentioned in this post. I would suggest going to www.customize.org and getting the rainmeter skins over their. A very good site which is a limitless source of customiztion tools: themes, widgets, and also wallpapers. So go Nuts!

Those of you who really are dedicated on learning how to make rainmeter skins … here is the link, its the official rainmeter manual. But be forewarned, unless you are exceptionally talented or have a lot of experience with coding, this wont be that easy. In the future Anarchia may go ahead and explain step by step how to make your very own rainmeter skin. But till then check out the manual, rainmeter forums and also customize.org to obtain further knowledge on Rainmeter.

I would like to suggest a couple of skins that you may like, you will get them from customize.org. just go here and type the names that I have written down on the search bar

  • Dark Rainmeter
  • Dynamic Desktop
  • Facebook
  • RSS news
  • Taboo
  • Vipor
  • 7 Dock

This list is in no way exhaustive and a person learns only as much as he explores (especially applicable to computing) so if you feel that there are anymore skins that are really cool but I haven’t mentioned, feel free to mention them in the comments

Next post. A small note on how to change the settings of some rainmeter wicgets like weather, Notes, Email and RSS feeds.