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Hi! guys…today I’m goin to write about how to hack Google as in how to get proper datas and information about the users!…Read this article and enjoy!!…have a gr8 day! 😀

If you want to become a hacker… Google is the way to go. Learn how to hack Google and you’ll require a powerful tool for your use of everyday work. Basically it’s the ability to use Google for finding hidden bits of data or information that the hacker can use for his/her advantages….
Or in other words hacking Google search appliances(engines). How so? Let’s say that you are a black hacker (someone who uses his hacking abilities for selfish purposes) and wants to access the email account of a chosen victim. The first thing that hacker’s do is to find out what is the secret question in the email account of their prey. Let’s say that the secret question asks the name of the pet of the account owner.

How can the hacker learn it?
Besides asking the pet’s name to his victim (which is very suspicious) it’s probable that a bit of information is lost somewhere in the internet. Maybe the owner went into a forum regarding pet insurance and left inside the name of his dog. These are the kind of things that Google permits to find…Another common use is to hack Google adsense click. That way your webpage will have a higher position when a related query is made through Google. After all more clicks means more money for you….;D

How Is It Done?
If you want to make a typical search in Google let’s say…house insurance you only need to put those words in the query bar and press the search button. In the case of a Google hacker he will use the special characters that the common user doesn’t use or doesn’t even considered using.

Example 1:  +, /, and -. Each one of these characters are used for special purposes.

Example 2:  If you use the minus sign just before a determined word like dog.. Google will only show those searches where the word dog doesn’t appear. One of best places for finding a how to hack with Google tutoriasl is the Google Hacking Database. In this webpage you will notice hundreds of ways of using Google for exploiting the weak points of servers and webpages.

Google Hacking and Methods Used
Another place to look into is the book Google Hacks by Rael Dornfest and Tara Calishain. Inside the book you will find tips for the most common Google users and to more complex routines specially created for programmers who know HTML and XML…Johnny Long has also published a book of his own. Considered the next step after reading Google hacks…Google hacking for penetration testers shows users the dark side of Google hacking..composed by twelve detailed chapters this book is full of tips on how to find corporate data through Google.This book is especially useful for a white hacker who wishes to increase the security of a client’s network (also known as system’s auditing).As you can see, how to hack with Google is not something that you will learn from one day to another. There are some basic routines in online Google hacks that you will need to learn and as time goes by and your necessities increase you will be able to use the more advanced aspects of this wonderful tool. 🙂

consider site mapping…you only require to enter a determined keyword lets say.. confidential.doc and next to it the words The marvelous thing about Google is that its able to search inside the computer network of ABCD and display any files with that name. This is possible if you have not secured the network properly. Even more you can find the login name and passwords. Type determined keywords like private, credit card, password or passwords and a determined extension like .doc, .xls or .db. You’ll be surprised on the results you’ll get. So… it’s better that you start learning on how to use Google. This company has created a new language for accessing the unlimited amount of information that exists out there.

Cheers! 🙂

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