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Get Anarcrypt on Facebook

October 30, 2010 by


Hey guys, if you find my articles good and would like a daily dose of Tech articles on your facebook homepage then please like my page. you will be constantly updated with the latest going-on’s in the Tech Community. Cheers! Advertisements

Tweaks to Anarchia

March 17, 2010 by


Some minor tweaks to Anarchia. Minor but still very very useful. Well I know this is a bit late on my part. But now you can SUBSCRIBE to Anarchia via email address. That means any new articles posted by me here will reach straight to your inbox. (That does not mean you do not visit […]

IE7 Exploit

March 13, 2010 by


Here is a video demonstrating the new exploit for IE6 and IE7 This video has originally been posted at my new site: please view the video here if the link is not working for you, copy-paste this URL in your address bar: thanks Ezzk

Hacker’s Mindset – what makes a Hacker?

March 4, 2010 by


Want to know what it takes to be a real hacker? want to get inside the hacker’s mindset? read the article here This article has originally been written at our new site: please read the article here if the link is not working for you, copy-paste this URL in your address bar: thanks […]

The hacking blog: has been SHIFTED!!!!

February 19, 2010 by


I am guilty for a lot of things folks .. the most critical one of them being not posting on this blog for 2 months now Those of you who have been following me on facebook and twitter will know that I was trying to make a forum where hackers can share their knowledge and […]

Hacking the “HAMA” Device.

January 5, 2010 by


This post is about interfacing a strange device. It has two connectors. 1. An European power plug and 2. A DB-25 Connector. And I guess you have to connect it to the serial to interface it!…and while plugging it in you have to convert the DB25 to DB9 and put it into the COM2 of […]

Wireless Networking for Paranoid Hackers!

December 7, 2009 by


Implementing Basic Wireless Security. We’ve all done it…we’ve all seen the lack of confidence that wireless networking has brought our world. It’s a new frontier and there are open doors wherever we turn. Fewer among us are those who have actually sat down and broken an 802.11b WEP key. Though its time consuming it can […]