is now live!

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Hello folks.

This is my first post after almost 4 months. Was just enjoying a well-deserved break. But the joy of blogging, teaching and sharing knowledge enticed me again !

apart from Anarcrypt (which has been going so-so since the past few months, thanks to my inactivity) I have started up a new project for those who are really into downloading stuff (who isn’t!!) and p2p file sharing services like torrents

the new site is its a fledgling right now and there is not much to write about torrenting. at most it will take 20 to 30 articles to cover everything there is to cover. But i bet in these 20 articles you willl find out more about p2p then you ever have before.

Well, like always my readers are the first to know. I haven’t published this news on any social networking site till now .. so be the first one to check it out!!



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