Tweaks to Anarchia

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Some minor tweaks to Anarchia. Minor but still very very useful.

Well I know this is a bit late on my part. But now you can SUBSCRIBE to Anarchia via email address. That means any new articles posted by me here will reach straight to your inbox. (That does not mean you do not visit Anarchia anymore!)

To Subscribe just fill in your email ID in the box provided at the top OR the bottom of any page, underneath the title ‘Email Subscription’. (please note: filling any ONE of the forms will be sufficient).

if you are a wordpress member and currently signed in then you just have to click the button provided, no need to type in your email

Another note, has been getting a constant increase in readership and loads of good feedback. Which is absolutely great! and especially at this point of time, as I am the only one updating and maintaining Anarchia. But just to put in a reminder, I have built a new site,, which is quite amazing if I may say so myself! its got all the tutorials found here and also quite a few great new ones.

I am slowly making my transition from to . So do check my new website out and let your friends know about it if they are interested in this sort of things and like to be updated with the latest from the Tech world!



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