couldn’t resist!

Posted on 30/11/2009 by


really wanted to show a static page as the front page for Anarchia for quite a while now. So finally got down and finished it. All you regular’s must have been a bit surprised to see that welcome page isn’t it!!

had to do it .. even though I did decide to experiment with something else for the next few weeks and leave Anarchia, for the time being, in the care of Ella.

But I guess this is an apt way of rejoicing 5000 visitors on Anarchia in less than 4 months!!!!!!!

I agree many website’s have done much better in the same time span. But see … we are not getting payed!

One important note: for all the regular’s and also for the members. Henceforth you will have to type in this URL

to go to the latest articles on anarchia. this URL will obviously change according to each month.

or just use the easy way and navigate to the present month archive from left-hand-side panel

Let me take this moment to remind everyone again that if you liked the site and have some doubts or would just like to stay in touch then I can be found on Facebook and Twitter.