bluetooth HACKING software revealed

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This post is for the contributors as much as the readers … enjoy

long time eh?? well as mentioned earlier on my post .. i was really busy with uni stuff .. and to be honest with you I had to force myself to post today .. ’cause blogging is such that once you get out of the habbit .. then you end up away from it for weeks if not months!

A while ago, Ella posted something about hacking mobile phones … well I want to clear out a few points on that which ella didn’t clarify and then build on that ..

Ella and the others I suggest that you read this post as well .. and comment on it letting me know what you think

first off all … yes cellphone hacking is relatively new … but you have to understand that telephone hacking or what is better known as Phreaking were the first things hackers and crackers targeted … If you are really into all this and if you have been in this for quite a while then you should know about the infamous hacker Captain Crunch. funny name? no, not really. If you already know what his contribution is to the hacking community then you will agree with me that his name is apt and well deserved. If you don’t then I suggest you find out. i am usually not the one to leave y’all with homework but it is a very intersting story .. and you should deffinately go for it

In Ella’s post, I believe Marvik asked for some software to hack cellphone … Ella I would appreciate if from future you could do proper research and answer such questions from the comment board itself and not from facebook … Dgurl was right to suggest that someone should come up with some software names and post them or put them in the comments … It is necessary and mandatory to be thorough in such tutorials …

there is in-fact a bluetooth hacking software which has a few set backs and a few plus points which I am going to speak about now

before continuing, please read the disclaimer. (if you haven’t done so already)

The software name is Bluetooth Hack v 1.07 and it is available HERE

these are all its features:

– you can read his/her messagess
– you can read his/her contacts
– you can change his/her profile
– you can play his/her ringtones even if the phone is on silent
– you can play the songs from his/her mobile
– you can restart his/her mobile
– you can switch off his/her mobile
– u can restore his/her factory setings
– you can also change ringing volume of his/her mobile..
– the best part of it is u can call from his mobile which also includes all call functions like hold on etc etc..

now the setbacks: well first one being that it is after all a bluetooth software so you need to try and connect with the victims phone via bluetooth and he or she has to accept the connection.

now there are two ways of doing that:

  1. if the victim is your friend then you can secretly take away the phone connect to it via bluetooth, add the connection to the safe list (i.e. connections will take place without future permission) and put the phone back where it was earlier without the person noticing. easier than it sounds. I have done it to a friend as a prank .. and he was quite freaked out!!!
  2. you can change your device name to something appealing to the victim. you know what i am talking about ….. eg. hotBABE if its a guy or CUTEsingleMALE if its a chick .. if they are naive (which usually they are) then they will accpet the connection .. and then they are at your mercy.

I hope this was useful. I would like some comments from my contributors regarding the post

I personally feel that any topics posted on Anarchia have to be thoroughly researched and every question should be answered then and there if asked by any reader on the comment board … and hence why I am writing this post even though I would rather hack computers then cellphones … but no doubt about it cellphone hacking is the next “frontier” (you could call it that … although dont I used the word for lack of other term) … but I would urge all the contributors to be as thorough as time allows them to be and to ans any queries on the comment board itself and not on fb or anywhere else … and readers, please see the F.A.Q section to check if your question has been asked before

No worries. I am still alive and kickin’