Keeping Your Network Safe…By Blocking Dangerous Hacker Attacks!!!

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This goes on and on and on and on…about other people having their personal information stolen from their computer by some random hacker…While its true that hackers do get peoples information and they will keep on getting that information…and  its also true that having interruption detection software can help…

Why You Need Intrusion Detection?

The doors can be opened to hackers in many different ways and two of the most familiar ways is which they can achieve access to your computer is simply through e-mails or Web pages that you visit that have spyware or Trojans! attached to them. (A file which looks guiltless but actually will open doors to a hacker!) Other ways are robot spiders sent out over the Internet to find unprotected computers and open doors. .Some say that every computer attached to the Internet may be attacked by such a spider as many as 50 times each day. So… if you don’t have an intrusion prevention system in place up-to-date then you may have regular sudden visitors and you may not even know it. Others say that 9 out of 10 computers have some sort of spyware, or malware on them. Could you be one of them??…….
The spider robots work automatically looking for and identifying computers on the Internet that have doors, or ports, open to them. This information is then reported back to the hacker – knowing which computers to aim at and which port to use. For this reason every now and then, Microsoft will come out with a new patch for Windows… in order to close some damaged door that hackers have open and been using.

What Is Intrusion Detection?

Network Intrusion Detection software is very important and everyone should have it these days. Each company’s software will differ some what (for copyright and creativity purposes) but you do need one for your own networks or home computer. It differs from a firewall in that the purpose of a firewall is to stop illegal external links with your system. These offer hackers avoidance largely for contacts from outside the network and most of these will now inform the owner or network controller of intrusion attempts. Network intrusion detection systems on the other hand… will give you warnings about events that take place within the network itself.

What Is The Best Intrusion Detection System?

Keeping your system hacker safe and knowing how to avoid hackers from doing their dirty work is an constant task and it was mentioned in the beginning of the article that a strong-minded hacker will get information. They’re constantly promoting their own techniques and the sad thing is that much of the intrusion prevention development going on only seeks to keep up with the methods hackers use. The result is a hacker comes up with a new technique and he’ll easily get in…
Its being reported as working quite well, especially for a Unix system (although there is also a Windows version too), is an intrusion detection using Snort with Wincap. This program has good reviews and may be the software you need. Because of competition new and better programs of detection and prevention are being developed all the time… Some systems have firewalls just for spam filters (great for email servers) and ones for general systems. Theres even a new firewall system out there thats just for in the house IM communications…Ofcourse these new systems try to join some of the features of a firewall and an intrusion detection system into one great package and some of them can even remove existing malware on your system! The best advice that could be given is to take this information and begin to do your own research into the latest products on intrusion prevention. At the same time you will want to find good malware removal software, and don’t forget to consider downloading a trial version first. Some of these offer inclusive systems that can even be upgraded daily for the length of the testing period. Having your system protected by intrusion detection software is a great move and will help to bring much better security to the information you want protected the most!!!

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