Are You Sure Your Password is Safe???

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Since the appearances of Computer/Laptops and the necessity of storing confidential information passwords have become a part of our lives. But password hacking programs also appeared as a ready to offer a solution for those hackers who were stopped by this barrier. At first these programs were distributed between certain underground hacker groups.  But when the internet came, anyone could find programs for password hacking passwords hackers popularized few softwares and soon it became mainstream among the computer community. Any user can insert the keywords ‘how to hack a password’ in any search engines and he/she will find tons of information that can help him/her.

Tools available for Password Hacking :

There are many password hacking tools available on the internet.  Some of them are free others are available for a small amount of fees. For example there is Rainbowcrack. This tool was created for cracking hash passwords through brute force it may not be very sophisticated, but it does the job. Another example is LC5 (formerly known as L0phtCrack), It recovers Microsoft Windows passwords using dictionaries, A brute force or a combination of both. Unfortunately.. it won’t be available after 2006 since Symantec acquired it.
John the Ripper is another password cracking tool, and it can run in a series of platforms. Considered one of the most popular password hacking programs, it combines different cracker programs into one package. It uses the dictionary attack for searching hash passwords and also has a brute force mode. Another Windows recovery tool is Cain and Abel. This software package uses a series of tools for password recovery like a dictionary brute force and cryptanalysis attacks (that means that it looks for a key for accessing the password something like the password’s password). Rixler Software is a company who offers a service of password cracking for different kind of programs, like Word, Excel, Access, VBA, Outlook Express and Internet Explorer. They offer personal and business licenses, depending on your needs.

I’m going to teach you how to hack your friend’s password. This isn’t real hacking, as we need the whole Garena Username and Password Database to really hack, and we don’t have that.

The Internet
A Friend (preferably one who doesn’t know much about computers)
A brain that’s good with socializing
An Email / Anonymous Emailer.

1. Make sure he uses an email messanger, for example MSN Messanger, and you’re talking to him.

2a. Now, send him an email, using an account such as, or if you can get one.

2b. You can also use an Anonymous Emailer, which you can find online to get to email him.

3. Inside the email, make the topic Garena One Million EXP Claim, and write this:


Dear Garena user,

You have been selected along with 1,000 other Garena Users to receive One Million Garena Client EXP, a one month premium member, or to participate in the Easter Special Lucky Draw. To claim your award, please visit the following website:

Thank you for your co-operation
Garena Staff

But, don’t send yet! We’re not really going to take them to that website, as it doesn’t exist! We are going to use Hyperlink!


Cheers Ellahax.

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