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I would also like to add that as Ella has been explaining the details of web hacking and the intricacies involved. If you are really not interested in learning these techniques or maybe you just want to learn about them so that you can safeguard yourself from them then I have just the freeware for you

Most of you must have already heard about it. some of you may even be using it. The software I am talking about is SPYBOT – SEARCH AND DESTROY.

It is a great freeware which scans your computer for tracking cookies (cookies that keep a tab on your activities online) and other cookies which have been written for the purpose of stealing you credentials and sensitive information and other such spywares!

you can download SPYBOT – SEARCH AND DESTROY from its official website

Once you have dowloaded the executable file and installed it. you will have this on your screen:


You can scan your computer by clicking on check for problems. You should deffinately immunize your computer by clicking on the immunize button on the left hand side panel. but BEFORE doing all that you should defflinately update the spyware deffinition (the search for update button)

Go for this software! It is completely free and quite effective. and best of all for those of you who already have a windows 7, its completely windows 7 compatible!

one more note: I will be discussing with Ella on ways to make the posts on web hacking more jargon-free and easy to comprehend, for those of you who are really interested in knowing in and out of hacking but not able to understand because the posts are filled with lots of jargon or a bit tough to understand.

good to have you active again on Anarchia, Dgurl. great posts. keep it up

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