Tracing an IP address – part 2

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hey guys … been loooong … like always was sort of busy … and now that the weekend has finally arrived I can give a couple of posts again! may not be able to post tomorrow as i have to go clubbin wid my friends (yes, dont be surprised … this hacker, along with most hackers, has a great social life too. along with a beautiful girl to support him and his security blog!)

Let me start off where i left. tracing IP address. another method of tracing an IP address geographically is to use the WHOIS database. which is nothing but a worldwide database maintained by all the domain registeration companies, keeping records of domain names registered to companies or countries for that matter. In layman’s terms you can find a LOT of information about a company (like owner’s name, address, phone number, designation, e-mail address, name servers, company name etc etc.)

Now you can get the WHOIS queries by visiting the domain registeration company’s websites like:,, and

here is a image of a WHOIS query done on from

yahoo on

or you can do what I do and use Sam Spade instead. which is nothing but a graphical user interface WHOIS utilities.

You can download and install Sam Spade here.

Once installed, you will notice that the sam spade interface is very easy to understand. for the sake of an example, I am going to do a WHOIS query on . I also did it because I find the irony amusing of doing a WHOIS query on a domain registeration company itself (a database for WHOIS queries!)

it will look like this


well folks. this concludes my tutorial. I will be writing soon

cheers for reading


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