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It’s quite probable that you have received spam offering a hotmail hacking guide that will give you the basics on how to become a hacker. Although it sounds tempting to have the power to know the private life of other persons, most of these guides and courses are nothing but scams that are looking for new victims.

The Basics:

The netcat is a TCP/UDP connection tool, it can be used to connect to other computers and can be used to allow other computers to connect to your host.

Example 1.1 – to connect to HBH’s website, use the following command without quotes:0″
This will connect but will not return any data, to get HBH to return the index/home page type “GET /” with out the quotes and hit enter twice.
SYNTAX Extra: the -n option is needed to allow numeric addresses or ip addresses.

How to Hack the Closed PC at Net Cafe:

Example : Ok all Net Cafes has some kind of program like cafe agent or some net administration tools…(looks like a trojan)
This tool allows a computer that has the program-client to remote control another computer in a network… in our case usually lan(local area network)
First you must see how secure is this ok first go with Ctrl+alt+Del perhaps task manager will appear or some panel…
If you see task manager find the application that controls you and terminate it…
or log off…
If you log off you can see the username of the user that is currently running…
Ok now for more secure Net Cafes
Do a restart and press F8 continiously before windows boot…
you will go to a menu then select safe mode… and boot
now you are in…
You can copy the files .c:/windows/repair/sam and c:/windows/repair/system on a disk
sam:holds the account passwords(encrypted)

Systems:Has the key algorithm that is used to crack the hashes.
then go to your home pc download a sam crack tool recomend(saminside) and crack the administrator password…
Go to the next cafe do some log off(by safe mode or Ctrl+alt+Del) and log in as admin change the pass and you got root.

Anatomy of IP Logger:

I’ll show you how to get someone’s ip by making them view an image on a website, so you provide them with a link like ‘’, and their ip address shall be recorded to a text file on the server.This example iam showing in PHP Cool script Language..

Example :


// Ip recorder, use in the format

//this picture variable defines which image to show the victim
$picture = “;;

//this line just gets the visitor’s ip address and stores it in the variable ‘$ip’

//this line tells the logger the name you want to use for the log file.
// if the logfile doesn’t already exist, it will be created automagically
$logs = “logs.txt”;

//here, we open the logfile for writing to. The ‘a’ means when we write
// data to the text file, it will be appended to the end of the file
$fh = fopen($logs, ‘a’) or die(” “);

//here we put the ip address into a variable called ‘string data’
// the backslash-n starts a new line in the text file, to make it easier to read
$stringData = “$ip \n”;

//here we write to the text file what is in the stringdata variable
fwrite($fh, $stringData);

//now we close the file

//and finally we echo some html back to the user’s browser so they see an image
echo “<img src=’$picture’>”;


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