Enumerating Remote Systems – 2

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Hey, this a combined post by Me and Jagenaw. We just noticed how efficient it gets when we combine posts and henceforth we’ll be posting two articles every alternate day. be assured that they will be informative as hell. We are slowly progressing from the basic topics that we covered for our newbie readers. Pretty soon it will all be advanced networking and security hacks.

Last time i posted about enumerating remote systems but due to circumstances my post was not as good as it normally is. Anyway, there is one last way of acquiring the target’s IP address. it is quite commonly used. by MAIL!

By using hotmail its possible to obtain the target’s (sender’s) IP address. How you ask?. Its simple !.

1. First you go to your inbox.
2. Then you’ll see a panel on the left side which shows all the recent mails that you’ve received.
3. Right click on one of the mails on the panel and click on the option that states “View message source”.
4. This should open up a new tab in your browser which will appear as any website’s page source.
5. Over there you’ll see the Sender’s IP address and Voila ! There you go.

(A very obvious ) Note: This is only possible IF and ONLY IF the target has sent you a mail !!!

if you want to trace the location of that mail and if you are having those days where you just dont want to make any effort at all. or you dont wanna even make the effort to look at the screen and get the ip address from that jungle of tiny letters. then we suggest that you just copy the message source, go to a website that offers to trace the email and just paste the source where it asks you to. you will most probably get a map showing you the exact coordinates of the senders system!!

here is a screen print to show you exactly how a message source looks like. We have put “xxxxx” instead of the senders email id and “target’s ip address” instead of the actual IP address. for security reasons obviously!!!


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