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HeY! Guys…this will be my last post on JavaScript then I’ll be moving on to something much more interesting!! n very Helpful!!! 🙂

What is a HTML DOM?
DOM stands for Document  Object Model it is an API which stands for Application Programming Interface and its for representing a document such as an HTML document and accessing and manipluating the different elements such as HTML Tags and strings of texts that make up that Doucment. JavaScript enabled web browsers have always defined a document object model; a web-browser DOM may specify, for example that the forms in a HTML document are accessible through the forms [] array of the document object..

Example :

Object Description
Document Represents the entire HTML document and can be used to access all elements in a page
Anchor Represents an <a> element
Area Represents an <area> element inside an image-map
Base Represents a <base> element
Body Represents the <body> element
Button Represents a <button> element
Event Represents the state of an event
Form Represents a <form> element
Frame Represents a <frame> element
Frameset Represents a <frameset> element
Iframe Represents an <iframe> element
Image Represents an <img> element
Input button Represents a button in an HTML form
Input checkbox Represents a checkbox in an HTML form
Input file Represents a fileupload in an HTML form
Input hidden Represents a hidden field in an HTML form
Input password Represents a password field in an HTML form
Input radio Represents a radio button in an HTML form
Input reset Represents a reset button in an HTML form
Input submit Represents a submit button in an HTML form
Input text Represents a text-input field in an HTML form
Link Represents a <link> element
Meta Represents a <meta> element
Option Represents an <option> element
Select Represents a selection list in an HTML form
Style Represents an individual style statement
Table Represents a <table> element
TableData Represents a <td> element
TableRow Represents a <tr> element
Textarea Represents a <textarea> element
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