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Hi guys

its been a long time since I posted … well its been a busy week … with the uni and the projects and everything … anyways ill try to make sense as much as i can. today I am going to be talking about some simple steps that you can use to find out your friends IP address or for that matter anyones

Enumerating Through Chat Clients

The most common way of finding out a persons IP address is through messanger client. Well nowdays almost everyone uses MSN or gtalk … It is not as easy as the old days. why i say this is because earlier on the two computers would be connected directly and all you would need to do is go to command prompt (I urge you guys to read my command prompt tutorials) and type netstat /n and find out the targets ip address. But now what happens is that when you sign into msn messenger and then chat with someone the connection looks something like this

You >>>>>>>>> MSN Server >>>>>>>>> Friend

so if you do try the netstat /n trick all you will get is the IP address of the messenger which is next to useless …

There is only one solution to this as far as I know. Send or recieve a file from that person. convincing that person to do so is your job 🙂

Why I am asking you to do so is because once you start the transfer your and your target’s computer is directly connected

So what you do is type netstat /n, copy paste the list of connections, start the transfer, do the same netstat trick again. the extra connection which is not present in the earlier list is your jackpot

Enumerating through websites

I will give you an example: this script basically gets the IP address of the target if the target is using netscape with Java Enabled




var ip = new java.net.InetAddress.getLocalHost(),

var ipStr = new java.lang.String(ip)





I am going to be stopping here for now … I know it is a relatively short post but I am really dead tired. hopefuly by tomorow I will show you couple of more ways of acquiring ip addresses. Hope u found this gibberish of a tired man useful. Ella You have done a good job. I will post asap. Dgurl great job on the logic 8 post. I will be sending you a mail regarding that soon.

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