Logic Express 8

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Logic Express 8
Powerful music creation.

Logic Express 8 delivers the power, precision, and professional toolset of Logic Pro 8—including a redesigned interface that allows musicians to write, record, edit, and mix with unparalleled speed and ease. Logic Express includes all the functionality of Logic Pro 8 except for four high-end professional features—surround, TDM/DAE support,distributed audio processing (DAP), and support for high-end control surfaces.

Logic Express 8 comes with an expanded collection of professional instrument and effect plug-ins from Logic Studio, as well as channel strip settings and plug-in settings that allow you to begin making music immediately with professionally designed sounds. Logic Express is the ideal application for professional musicians and producers who want to get into the world of Logic for $199, as well as GarageBand users who are ready to take their music to the next level.

New in Logic Express 8

Logic Express 8 is a powerful upgrade that incorporates the key functionality of Logic Pro 8, more than 100 instruments and effects from Logic Studio, and new channel strip settings and plug-in settings created for Logic Express.

New features include:

• Next-generation interface, featuring a streamlined, single-window workspace
• Simplified setup, with professional templates for common activities and projects
• Effortless multitake recording, including automatically generated take folders
• Revolutionary Quick Swipe comping, for quickly building the perfect track
• Powerful audio editing, including sample-accurate editing in the Arrange window
• Network-based save and share, to use your settings and key commands on any Mac
• New instruments and effects from Logic Studio, including Ultrabeat and Guitar Amp Pro
• Channel strip settings and plug-in settings, for a wide range of high-quality sounds

A World of Options

Logic Express puts a world of creative options at your fingertips, thanks to an open architecture that lets you use a wide range of audio interfaces and many different control surfaces. You can also explore hundreds of third-party Audio Units instruments and effects and incorporate sounds from third-party applications such as Ableton Live and Propellerhead Reason. Logic Express lets you work anywhere at any time, without proprietary hardware. When inspiration strikes, all you need is Logic Express and a Mac to capture your ideas and turn them into music—at home, on the road, or in the studio.

New in Logic Express 8

Logic Express 8, Apple’s professional music production application, provides
musicians with the powerful, easy-to-use tools they need to write, record, edit, and mix. It features an interface that has been redesigned for fast, intuitive control, with all the key functions organized in a unified workspace. Time-saving recording and editing tools make Logic Express 8 perfectly suited for everything from a scratch recording to a symphonic 24-channel recording.

New features in Logic Express 8 include:

• Next-generation interface
• Simplified setup
• Effortless multitake recording
• Revolutionary Quick Swipe comping
• Powerful audio editing features
• Network-based save and share
• New instruments from Logic Studio
• New effects from Logic Studio

Next-Generation Interface

A new workspace features a single-window design with retractable panes, customizable
toolbar, shortcut menus, built-in browsers, and dual channel strips. This streamlined
layout eliminates clutter and lets you focus on your music.

Consolidated Arrange window

The Arrange window consolidates edit and browser windows. You can record multiple takes; cut, move, or stretch audio with sample accuracy; apply channel strip settings; automate a group fade; or drop chords onto your lead sheet—all from one central location, without managing multiple windows.

The Arrange window lets you selectively display three additional areas:

• Editing, horizontally tiled below the Arrange area; used for the Mixer, Sample Editor, Score Editor, Piano Roll Editor, and Hyper Editor
• Media or Lists, vertically tiled to the right of the Arrange (and editing) area; used for media browsers and list-based editors
• Inspector, vertically tiled to the left of the Arrange (and editing) area; used to display region and track parameters as well as the new dual channel strips for the selected track

Built-in browsers

Built-in media browsers give you intuitive, rapid access to your content without opening additional windows or leaving the workspace. The Media area includes tabs for four media browsers, including the Loop Browser and the Audio Bin.

Two additional browsers are new to Logic Express 8:

• Library Browser, for channel strip settings, plug-in settings, EXS instruments, and all possible MIDI destinations

• File Browser, including Spotlight search, for accessing any Logic-related file on your system or on any connected media volume—without going out to the Finder

Dual channel strips

The Inspector window features dual channel strips that provide streamlined access to all of the channel strips related to the selected track. The left channel strip lets you monitor and control the output and other settings for the current track. The right channel strip varies based on your selection in the left channel strip; click any Send or Output slot on the left to display the destination channel strip on the right. This feature allows you to access all of the channel strips used by a given track without opening the Mixer.

Optimized Mixer views

Two new options let you easily see the signal flow routing in the Mixer.

In the Arrange view, you can choose a setting—Add Signal Flow Channel Strips—to see not only the channel strips assigned to tracks, but also the auxiliaries and outputs used as send or routing destinations for each track.

In the new Single view, you see just the channel strip for the selected track, along with the auxiliaries and outputs used as send or routing destinations for that track. Focusing on the signal flow of one track at a time allows you to mix with greater efficiency and control.

Simplified Setup

Logic Express 8 lets you start making music right away, with production-ready templates, one-step track setup, dynamic channel strip creation, and seamless integration of ReWire-compatible applications such as Ableton Live and Propellerhead Reason.

Production-ready templates

Start making music fast by choosing from a variety of templates designed for different music styles—such as electronic, hip-hop, R&B, rock, and songwriter—and professional production scenarios ranging from multitrack stereo production to stereo mastering. You can easily modify and save templates or create your own.

One-step track setup
Logic Express 8 allows you to create and configure multiple audio, instrument, or external MIDI tracks from a single, simple setup window.

Dynamic channel strip creation

Logic Express 8 streamlines recording and mixing by automatically creating channel strips for you as you work. Anytime you add a bus send to a channel strip, Logic Express creates a new auxiliary channel strip as needed, using that bus as its source. Similarly, if you add a multi-output software instrument, you can create preconfigured auxiliary channel strips with a single click.

Streamlined ReWire support

Integrating ReWire-compatible applications with Logic Express is dramatically streamlined. You can now manage all setup and configuration in the Arrange window, with no need to open the Environment or create special “ReWire Objects.”

Open Ableton Live or Propellerhead Reason directly in Logic Express, then select the instrument you want to play from the list that dynamically appears in the Browser. To monitor or process audio coming from a ReWire application, just select the outputs as the input source for any auxiliary channel.

Effortless Multitake Recording

Logic Express 8 offers a simple, flexible approach to multitake recording. When you record over existing material, your takes are automatically stored in a take folder. Expand your take folder at any time to see a graphical display of all your takes for easy auditioning and editing. You can move a take folder anywhere in your arrangement and edit it just as you would any other region.

Revolutionary Quick Swipe Comping

Quick Swipe comping dramatically streamlines the process of comping tracks. Rather than cutting, moving, and muting regions, all you have to do is click and drag to select the best sections of each take. This creates a perfectly seamless comp, complete with transition-smoothing crossfades.

Easily change your comp selections by clicking alternative sections in any take. You can save multiple comps and switch among them to pick the one you like best.

Powerful Audio Editing Features

New editing features in the Arrange window allow you to work with greater speed and precision, without opening separate windows.

Snap-to-transient selection

Snap-to-transient selection lets you extend marquee selection borders to the next or previous transient. This feature is particularly useful for fast, efficient drum editing and sound replacement. Extend or reduce the length of the marquee selection by snapping the start or end point of the marquee to transients in audio regions, note on or note off positions in MIDI regions, or region start or end positions.

Graphically time stretch or compress audio

Logic Express allows you to visually time stretch or compress an audio region directly in the Arrange area—without changing its pitch. Simply Option-drag the end point of the region. You can choose one of the time compression algorithms provided with Logic Express or use third-party options such as Serato Pitch ‘n Time or iZotope Radius.

Precise editing in the Arrange window

You can now edit waveforms directly in the Arrange window with the same precision previously available only in the Sample Editor. This is especially useful for maintaining phase alignment when making micro-adjustments to live recorded tracks.
Simultaneous edits with the Junction tool
Fine-tune the intersection of two regions by using the Junction tool to simultaneously resize two adjacent regions. Just use the Junction pointer and drag to the left or right; both regions will be resized, with no gap between them.

Network-Based Save and Share

Back up personal channel strip settings, plug-in settings, and key commands to your.Mac account for easy access from any computer connected to the Internet. You can also select favorite settings to share across a local or Internet-based network or through your .Mac Public folder.

New Instruments from Logic Studio

Logic Express 8 features 36 high-quality software instruments—including Ultrabeat, ES1, ES2, EXS24 Sampler, and more than a dozen GarageBand instruments.

New instruments from Logic Studio include:
• Ultrabeat
• ES2 synthesizer
• EXS24 Sampler


Use the tone-shaping features in Ultrabeat to sculpt unique sounds from 25 drum voices, with new drum kits featuring more than 1000 new sounds. Full View drum grid editing and step automation give you more power than ever.

Use the drum grid editor to dial in the perfect groove with swing and accent controls, then trigger any of the 24 patterns live or drag them to the Arrange window in Logic Express for further editing. Ultrabeat provides everything you need to create original beats from combinations of synthesized and sampled sounds.

Ultrabeat features:

New sounds. Ultrabeat offers more than 50 new drum kits featuring 400 new drum patterns and over 1000 new synthesized, sampled, and hybrid drum sounds. You can import EXS drum kits directly into the program for even more creative options.

Full View drum grid editor. The Full View drum grid editing feature in Ultrabeat lets you see and edit all of the patterns for 25 drum voices simultaneously.

• Step automation. Step automation allows you to shape the characteristics of the sound of each voice over time. Precisely adjust key parameters for each event in the sequence.

Built-in sound-shaping features. A rich palette of effects, filters, LFOs, and EQs lets you edit voices with extreme precision, from slight alterations of tonal character to radical changes. The multimode filter offers four different 12- or 24-dB filter types, providing a broad range of sound-shaping options.

• Multiple outputs. Ultrabeat is a multi-output instrument that provides up to 16 outputs. Route individual outputs to separate auxiliary channels for discrete processing of each drum voice.


With the ES2 synthesizer, you can draw from a broad range of sounds, a comprehensive selection of synthesis techniques, and powerful modulation options to create radical sounds or nuanced pads. The Macro Only mode simplifies sound design by letting you manipulate multiple related parameters with just a few basic knobs.

EXS24 Sampler

Choose from a wide range of EXS instruments and quickly build sampled instruments and sample libraries using the integrated, redesigned EXS Editor. The EXS24 Sampler lets you quickly incorporate sample-based sounds into your productions. Featuring sample-accurate timing, a robust synthesizer section, and support for sampled instruments of near-limitless size, the EXS24 Sampler also includes 16 individual outputs for discrete voice processing. Wide-ranging sample library support includes Akai, GigaSampler, SampleCell II, SoundFont2, and REX2.

The EXS24 Sampler includes features for:

• Editing and playing. The EXS Editor boasts an intuitive interface that lets you view and graphically edit your sampled instruments. Tight integration between the EXS Editor and the EXS24 Sampler means fast transitions between editing and playback, so you can build instruments quickly with instant playback as you work.
• Shaping your samples. Use built-in LFOs and envelopes to modulate virtually any parameter in the EXS24 Sampler. A separate multimode filter provides adjustable slopes, variable filter overdrive, and a fatness circuit that ensures excellent low- frequency response.

New Effects from Logic Studio

With more than 70 professional effects, Logic Express gives you a rich palette of options for creating unique sounds—including a number of high-quality effect plug-ins from Logic Studio.

New effects from Logic Studio include:

• Guitar Amp Pro
• Ringshifter
• Pitch Correction

Guitar Amp Pro
Guitar Amp Pro lets you play your guitar through faithful re-creations of classic amplifiers and speaker cabinets.

Guitar Amp Pro features:

• Amp modeling. Guitar Amp Pro features 11 amp models, 15 speaker cabinets, microphone controls, and an effects section for constructing the perfect guitar tone. And you can access more than 200 brand-new guitar channel strip settings made from scratch by world-famous musicians and sound designers.

• Cabinets and springs. Guitar Amp Pro offers a wide range of legendary guitar amplifier sounds and a variety of speaker cabinets, which can be freely modified and combined. Effects such as vibrato, tremolo, and spring reverb faithfully model the hardware effects found in classic amps.

• Other uses. Guitar Amp Pro allows you to use the amp, speaker, or microphone section independently. Fatten up your synth line with an overdriven UK 30W combo amp, or get creative with vocals by running them through a 1×10 speaker cabinet.


The Ringshifter effect plug-in lets you combine a ring modulator with a frequency shifter effect. Both effects were popular during the 1970s and are being used in new ways by today’s musicians.
The ring modulator modulates the amplitude of the input signal, using either the internal oscillator or a side chain signal. It produces a metallic or clangorous sound quality. The ring modulator was used extensively on jazz rock and fusion records in the early ‘70s.
The frequency shifter alters the frequency relationship of the original harmonics. It produces sounds ranging from sweet and spacious phasing effects to strange robotic timbres.

Pitch Correction
The Pitch Correction plug-in allows you to correct the pitch of audio tracks. The plug-in accelerates and slows down the playback speed so that the input signal always matches the correct note pitch. You can use any scale to define a pitch quantization grid.
You can also use Pitch Correction to create special effects—a particularly interesting approach with drum tracks.

Additional Features in Logic Express 8

Logic Express 8 is a sophisticated, full-featured audio and MIDI application that provides all the tools you need to create professional-quality music productions. It allows you to record and edit audio and MIDI, add high-quality effects, and mix your music. The final mix can be exported to one or more standard audio files or burned to an audio CD.
Logic Express 8 offers a broad and deep feature set in a redesigned single-window workspace. Key features include:
• Ultimate writing studio
• Multitrack recording
• Precision editing
• Professional mixing
• Broad compatibility

Ultimate Writing Studio

A professional collection of music creation and writing tools makes it easy to capture and develop your musical inspirations. Record multiple takes, quickly assemble the perfect comp, establish a groove with a selection of Apple Loops, and fill out the remaining parts in your composition with Studio Instruments. Key writing features include:
• Powerful MIDI creation
• Apple Loops
• Music notation
• Compose to picture

Powerful MIDI creation

With a rock-solid timing engine, exceptional quantization features, and a wealth of MIDI production tools from Logic Pro 8, Logic Express represents the gold standard for creating and editing MIDI-based music. You can edit performance characteristics for each region independently while monitoring the results in real time.

Apple Loops
Build songs quickly by choosing from thousands of included royalty-free music loops that automatically conform to the tempo and key of your project. Embedded metatags characterize the instrument, genre, and mood for each loop, allowing you to quickly find the loops you want.

There are two types of Apple Loops: Real Instrument loops and Software Instrument loops. Software Instrument loops offer additional creative options by allowing you to edit the instrument, processing, or original MIDI performance. You can also use a Software Instrument loop as an audio loop.

Music notation
Logic Express lets you transform MIDI performances into music notation in real time. Or, if you prefer, you can use Step Input to enter your notes one at a time. Create fully ornamented, professional scores using a complete set of tools, including comprehensive layout and print options, instrument transposition, guitar tablature, drum notation, and adaptive lyric input.

Compose to picture
Dedicated music-for-picture features make scoring and sound design easy. View synchronized QuickTime movies directly within the interface or use a separate monitor with a range of output options, including Digital Cinema Desktop for high-definition playback. You can locate scene changes by scrolling through a thumbnail track or mark transitions automatically with the Create Scene Markers option.

Multitrack Recording
You can use Logic Express 8 to record anything from a quick demo to a large-scale commercial project. One-step track setup lets you create and record-enable multiple tracks with ease.

Auto-punch in and out based on marquee selections or punch in and out on the fly. You can use input monitoring to listen to or process incoming signals without the need for dedicated input channels—perfect for rehearsing before you record.

Support for the new Core Audio Format (CAF) lets you record extended-length projects of up to 6 hours at 96kHz.

Precision Editing
Audio editing features in Logic Express 8 let you work with power and precision, using sample-accurate tools in the Sample Editor or directly in the Arrange window.

Destructive edits
You can perform destructive edits using the built-in editor or an external sample editor such as Soundtrack Pro 2. Destructive edits allow you to time stretch and pitch shift audio, change sample rates, extract MIDI grooves from the audio, and even quantize audio.

Graphic beat mapping
Easily conform any freely recorded audio or MIDI track to bars and beats using powerful beat-mapping features. You can create tempo tracks automatically, based on a guide track; or drag bar and beat guides to transients or MIDI notes within a region.

Professional Mixing

Complete your project with powerful mixing and automation tools that meet the demands of any size production.

Complete mixing desk

Create the perfect Mixer configuration with up to 255 discrete audio, software instrument, and auxiliary channels, along with up to 32 mix groups and as many output channels as your audio hardware provides. Each track supports 15 plug-ins and 8 pre-fader, post-fader, and post-pan sends, with full latency compensation to keep everything in perfect sync. Logic Express 8 also lets you record busses and integrate
outboard hardware into your mix.


Automate channel strip and plug-in parameters on the fly or set values manually for even greater precision. You can simultaneously view and edit automation for single or multiple tracks, including multiple parameters per track. Track grouping provides simultaneous writing and editing of automation for multiple tracks, and a curve tool helps create natural-sounding transitions.

Broad Compatibility
The open architecture of Logic Express 8 offers enormous creative freedom to musicians by supporting a wide range of professional hardware and software options.

Software compatibility
Logic Express 8 makes it easy to incorporate compatible third-party plug-ins and applications, as well as interchange project files with other applications.

• GarageBand and Logic Pro. You can open GarageBand projects directly in Logic Express and seamlessly move projects between Logic Express and Logic Pro.
• Audio Units. Continuously explore new creative options by incorporating a choice of hundreds of third-party Audio Units plug-ins for instruments and effects.
• ReWire. A new automated setup process lets you seamlessly incorporate ReWirecompatible applications such as Propellerhead Reason and Ableton Live.
• File interchange formats. Import and export XML, AAF, OMF, and OpenTL files for convenient round-trip interchange with Final Cut Pro and a wide variety of professional music applications and hardware.

Hardware compatibility
Logic Express 8 gives you the freedom to choose the hardware that best suits your creative style and production requirements. Supported hardware includes:
• Audio interfaces. You can use any Core Audio–compatible audio interface, with an enormous range of options for the most modest to the most sophisticated setup.
• Control surfaces. Enjoy hands-on control when you record or mix by using one of a variety of supported control surfaces. Plug-and-play simplicity lets you start working immediately.

Additional Instruments from Logic Studio

Logic Express 8 includes 36 professional instrument plug-ins. In addition to new instruments from Logic Studio—such as Ultrabeat, EXS24 Sampler, and ES2—Logic Express features more than a dozen instruments from GarageBand ’08 and a set of powerful synth instruments from Logic Studio.

Synth Instruments
Produce beautiful synth beds and driving bass lines with an array of FM, subtractive, and analog-modeled synthesizers. An impressive range of synthesizer sounds offers even more richness, thanks to new modulation effects.

The ES1, a classic analog-style synthesizer, lets you create earthshaking basses, rich pads, textures, screaming leads, ultrasharp percussion, and exotic effects. The plug-in offers up to 16-voice polyphony; each voice features a main and sub oscillator to deliver the raw sounds that are shaped by the analog ES1 filter.

The EFM1 uses FM synthesis to re-create the classic synthesizer sounds of the 1980s. A simple interface provides accessible controls that make tweaking sounds a pleasure, or you can let the EFM1 create its own sounds randomly.

The eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer lets you mix sawtooth or rectangular waves in a huge variety of tones, with additional controls for frequency and impulse width modulation.

The ES M lets you design powerful basses and expressive lead sounds straight from the 1970s. Variable selection between sawtooth and rectangular waves and a biting slope characteristic of 24 dB give the ES M its distinctive analog sound.

Create the characteristic polysynth sounds of 1980s pop music with the polyphonic ES P. In addition to an oscillator, sub oscillator, and filter, the ES P offers an LFO for creating dynamic effects and an ADSR envelope generator for precise level control.

Additional Effects from Logic Studio

More than 70 professional effect plug-ins are included in Logic Express 8—most of which are the same powerful versions included in Logic Studio. In addition to new effects from Logic Studio, Logic Express 8 offers a range of production effects and creative effects designed to meet the requirements of professional musicians.

Production Effects
A range of superb-sounding effect plug-ins makes it easy to add the final polish to your music productions.

Fine-tune your audio production with professional EQ plug-ins like the eight-band Channel EQ, which features a graphical signal analyzer.

Compressor includes a linked limiter and five independent circuit types that capture the feel of vintage and modern studio hardware. Professional dynamics plug-ins—such as Limiter, Noise Gate, and Enveloper—further expand your ability to polish your mix or tweak your recordings.

Voice processing
Using the Pitch Correction plug-in, you can accurately and quickly tune vocals while preserving articulation and tonal color. Adjust the pitch of drums, speech, and vocal audio using the optimized settings in Pitch Shifter II.

Creative Effects
Transform audio and create shifting fields of sound using advanced reverb, modulation, vintage, warped, and delay plug-ins. Logic Express 8 includes creative effects suitable for a wide range of genres and performance styles.

Add texture to instruments and vocals using synthesized reverb plug-ins such as AVerb, EnVerb, SilverVerb, GoldVerb, and PlatinumVerb.

Fatten, twist, and modify audio with Chorus, Ensemble, Flanger, Microphaser, Modulation Delay, Phaser, Ringshifter, Scanner Vibrato, Spreader, and Tremolo.

Vintage processing
Get classic sounds like analog warmth or thick fuzz with distortion effects modeled after legendary tube stomp boxes. Vintage Leslie speakers are modeled in the Rotor Cabinet effect emulation, which lets you adjust cabinet type and microphone positioning. Five carefully modulated circuits for Compressor simulate the world’s most respected vintage hardware, and Fuzz-Wah combines distortion, compression, and auto-wah effects in a single plug-in.

Warped processing
Build classic 1970s sounds with Ringshifter, a combined ring modulation and frequency shifting plug-in. Transpose, robotize, and manipulate the character of monophonic audio with Vocal Transformer. Apply dramatic filter effects with the EVOC20 Filterbank, and twist vocals and instruments with the EVOC20 Track Oscillator.

Use Tape Delay to create the special character and feedback behavior of classic tape-based delay effects boxes. Your creative delay options are rounded out by Echo, Sample Delay, and Stereo Delay.

Channel Strip Settings and Plug-in Settings

The built-in library in Logic Express 8 offers a wide selection of professional channel strip settings and plug-in settings. You can use the settings as is or modify them and save them as your own. You can also create settings from scratch and save them for easy reuse in any project.

Channel Strip Settings
Logic Express 8 offers a remarkable selection of more than 790 professionally designed channel strip settings, each combining Logic Express instruments and effects in a powerful plug-in chain. You can find channel strip settings in the library included in Logic Express.

Plug-in Settings
With more than 1600 plug-in settings for Logic Express instruments and effects, it’s easy to start making music right away with high-quality sounds.

Hundreds of new, professionally designed plug-in settings for Logic Express instruments offer beautiful, expressive instrument sounds right out of the box. Every setting, or preset, changes the parameters of an instrument plug-in to produce one-of-a-kind sounds.

Logic Express 8 also includes settings designed for a wide range of effect plug-ins, from amp modeling to dynamics and modulation.

Product Details

Pricing and Availability
The U.S. retail price of Logic Express is $199. Owners of Logic Express 6 or 7 or Logic Audio 5 or 6 can purchase an upgrade for $99.1 Contact your authorized Apple representative for education pricing. Upgrades are available only for retail versions.
Logic Express is available worldwide in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. It can be purchased from the online Apple Store (www.apple.com/store), Apple retail stores, and Apple Authorized Resellers.

System Requirements
• Mac computer with a 1.25GHz or faster PowerPC G4 processor (PowerPC G5, Intel Core Duo, or Intel Xeon processor recommended)
• 1GB of RAM
• Display with 1024-by-768 resolution
• Mac OS X v10.4.9 or later
• QuickTime 7.2 or later
• 6GB of available disk space
• DVD drive for installation
• Low-latency multi-I/O audio hardware and MIDI interface recommended

Logic Express comes with 90 days of toll-free telephone support for installation, launch, and basic troubleshooting. For information about service and support products available from Apple, visit http://www.apple.com/support/products.

Get up to speed quickly by viewing approximately one hour of online video tutorials
covering key features in Logic Express. The training is ideal for Logic Express users who want to expand their skills into new areas, as well as for musicians and producers who are new to Logic Express.
Each tutorial movie demonstrates key product features, along with useful tips and shortcuts. To view the tutorials, visit http://www.apple.com/logicexpress/tutorials.

The Apple Pro Training Program is designed to keep you at the forefront of Apple’s digital media technology while giving you a competitive edge.

Take instructor-led classes at an Apple Authorized Training Center
There are more than 250 Apple Authorized Training Centers worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.apple.com/software/pro/training.

Use self-study courses from the Apple Pro Training Series
The official Apple Pro Training Series courseware is published by Peachpit Press. For more information, visit http://www.apple.com/software/pro/training.

Become an Apple Certified Pro
On completion of the course material, you can become an Apple Certified Pro by taking the certification exam at an Apple Authorized Training Center. For details, visit http://www.apple.com/software/pro/training.


Hardware compatibility
Logic Express 8 gives you the freedom to choose the hardware that best suits your
creative style and production requirements. Supported hardware includes:
• Audio interfaces. You can use any Core Audio–compatible audio interface, with an
enormous range of options for the most modest to the most sophisticated setup.
• Control surfaces. Enjoy hands-on control when you record or mix by using one of a
variety of supported control surfaces. Plug-and-play simplicity lets you start working
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