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hey guys … Dgurl gave a great post on how to change your internal IP address .. and that was her debut post … so i think she did a bang up job!! 🙂

i would like to add some more information to what already has been added by Dgurl .. Not trying to step on anyone’s toes here .. but I think this will be useful

please NOTE that i am writing this post especially for new comers. I have no problem in writing about DWORD, Binary and Octal Equivalents of IP address or subnet addressing or subnet masks or the different dos commands for networking or IP spoofing for that matter or any other advanced topics but I want Anarchia to be your one stop for all your computer issues and your curiosity as well .. so I am starting from scratch. Anarchia ain’t closting down tomorow and I am not in a hurry. Thanks for your patience. If you feel you want me to write about some specific topic then mail me and if i know about it I will be happy to oblige! cheers!

Ever gone to any website where the cheeky website admin has written in big block letters: “WELCOME YOUR IP ADDRESS IS xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx’

i wanna explain today to all the new comers (newbies if you prefer it) what exactly is that ….

Now IP address is the number assigned to every god damn box connected to the internet. its basically four numbers seperated by periods. at one time ISP’s used to give seperate, unique IP addresses to each individual (this is what’s called static IP address) but that time is gone. because of the fact that there is limited number of IP addresses and there is increase in net usage, the ISP’s now give random IP address from a pool of IP addresses. In order to use a dynamic IP address a service such as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is used to assign IP address to any device that requests it. If you want to have a static IP address then you have to manually input the parameters, which is what Dgurl has explained to us in the previous post.

so now we are done with basic definition and dynamic and static IP address discussion lets get cracking

most asked question. ‘can anyone find me through my IP address?’

Ans: its possible. but most probably not. usually the most they can find out about you is your ISP (internet service provider) and your general location.

Question. How do they do that?

Ans. that and MORE .. for next time …

sorry lads .. gotta sleep

Once again .. Dgurl great post, keep posting and trust me you will learn more than what you will write. and apart from that loads of people gonna read what you say


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