Asus Motherboard Rampage Gene 2 Overview

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Hey everyone. It’s been quite long since I last made a post. I’m quite sorry about that but I did get a bit too caught up with a few inconveniences. Anyway, lately I was browsing  the net for hardware and came across this Motherboard that blew my mind apart! I thought that I’ll share this piece of info with you. The motherboard, for THE ULTIMATE DESKTOP, called The ASUS Rampage Gene 2. Noticeably its quite small but be assured that the features and performance are far from minimal.

This motherboard has the Intel X58 Chipset and hence it supports the intel core i7 processor (one of the most powerful processors in the world since 2008) and also has Intel’s quick path Interconnect interface (QPI) providing increased performance. It also supports 36 PCI Express 2.0 lanes to provide enhanced performance.

The board’s audio is handled by what Asus calls the SupremeFX X-Fi which is the latest in their SupremeFX range. This audio port utilizes Analog Device AD2000B HD Audio codec, supporting output for up to 8 channels and Creative’s EAX 4.0HD API.

As for the RAM, it supports Triple Channel DDR3 (DDR3 being faster and more efficient than DDR2) and features data transfer rates of 2000/1800/1600(overclocked) and 1333/1066 MHz to run high end applications, 3D graphics and Multimedia. The Triple channel DDR3 architecture literally increases performance by 3 times the amount and gives a data bandwidth if up to 43.2GB/s at its peak. The board can accommodate a maximum of 24GB 1333MHz!!!!!

Since some people try and choose between SLI/Crossfire they actually leave out a more important question! Why not use both! Yes, this motherboard can run Multi-GPU setups.

Due to its feature of SLI/Crossfire on demand it can support up to 3 Graphics cards in a 3-way SLI or CorssfireX configuration.

Note: If you’re not a Hardcore gamer, programmer or even techie do not even bother going in for this motherboard as it will then be a total waste of your money !!! And yes, its not too cheap !!


For the full Specs, i would recommend suggest clicking on the link below. I would have written down the specs but this way you’ll have a chance to check this out on the ASUS site itself.

“Performance and Power”



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