Command Prompt Tutorial 5

Posted on 25/09/2009 by


howdy !

Today I’m gonna give y’all some handy command prompt functions!

DRIVERQUERY – this is a really handy function as it gives you a list of all the installed drivers in your system. This is the best way to find out all the installed drivers without a third party software! the /fo switch can help you to put the output in a table format so that you can save it as spreadsheet


PING – this is THE most important function there is. Most of you use it quite often and the rest of you have heard about it. the PING command queries a remote host by sending it bytes of information and listening for a reply. If there is no response then four things could be the reason why:

  • There is something wrong with your internet connection and you are only able to send data and not recieve it. in which case you wont be able to surf on the internet
  • There is something wrong with the remote system’s internet connection
  • The remote system is offline
  • Or more often than not the remote system has a well configured firewall and which do not accept ping connections with unknown systems and all its Ports are running in full stealth Mode!\

the syntax to this command is ‘ping [ip address]’ or ping [websire URL]

here is a a screen pring of what im talking about:


Thats all for now. By tomorow I will tel you all about ipconfig and its different switches and also about a really useful and special function called FSUTIL. the explaination is quite long and it has a lot of options so I really want to do it justice by writing about it in a different post. I dont believe in writing two lines and then pasting a link. That is really sad attitude.

anyways untill next time