Background as a Website!

Posted on 24/09/2009 by


You can have your favorite website as your damn desktop background!!

for that what you have to do is make a .html file from your notepad containing an iframe and make that your background. I will show that to you in 6 simple steps:

Step1–     Open yout notepad. incase you are lost 🙂

Start –> All programs –> Accessories –> Notepad

Step2- Type in the notepad file:


src =”;
width=”100%” height=”100%”>


Step3- Save this as whateverthehellyouwant.html

Step4- Right click on your desktop  and click Properties.

Step5- click desktop in the menu

Now you should have a list of background images you can have, all you have to do is click browse and then find the file and click open.

Step6-    Now the “whateverthehellyouwant.html” file shuold be in the list of backgrounds you can have click on it and its DONE!

Now How to get it off

If u are bored of this and want your old background back on, you’ll notice when you right click your just right clicking the website you chosen to be your Background.

Follow these steps to get it off:

1) Right click as far as you can to any side of the screen (in the white bit of the Iframe).

2) Now click properties and desktop again, then change the background to a normal picture again.

i hope you found this interesting=)