Command Prompt tutorial 4

Posted on 24/09/2009 by


allright guys now im going to tell you what exactly is Command Redirectors. first of all this is not really necessary to know. but still here it goes! command redirectors is just what you say it is … they redirect the output of a command to any place you want … well if you want them to be directed to your email inbox that aint gonna happen . basically dont take me litteraly! lol

well i will give an example!

by now you all know the DIR command. so suppose you want to place the output of that command in a text file on your desktop. so this is the command for it

type: Dir > c:\users\ezzk07\desktop\dirfile.txt

so that will create a dirfile.txt on your desktop. but if you use the same command again then obviously it will overwrite the file and make a new one. if you want to add information to an already made file then you will use the ‘>>’ sign

this is a smaller post than usual but im very tired ’cause i just came back from a party and im still a little bit drunk. lol. anyways enjoy

happy hakcing