Command Prompt Tutorial 3

Posted on 23/09/2009 by


Creating and Deleting Files and Folders

like it says … this tutorial is going to teach you everything about making and deleting files and folders using our friendly neighborhood cmd!

well these are done using two commands: one is MKDIR and the other being RMDIR. it is as simple as typing mkdir (folder name). a point to remember is that command will make your folder wherever you are at that particular moment for example, if you are at C:\Windows and you type that command then you will make the folder in the Windows folder of your C drive

suppose you are in C drive i.e. if your command prompt just has a


then by typing mkdir program files\ezzk07’s theme\skins I basically make a folder called skins inside ezzk07’s theme folder. If incase there is no such folder called ezzk07’s theme then it will make a folder of that name and then create skins inside it.

RMDIR works in the same way. just put a rmdir instead of mkdir !

now, the DEL command is used to delete files from the directories. same scene: wanna delete something ? type del (your filename without the brackets ofcourse!) into the command prompt. it will delete the file you specified provided that file exists in the directory which you are in at that moment

if you are in the C drive then by typing:

del program files\ezzk07’s theme\skin\skin.exe

you will jump to the directory skin and delete skin.exe

So … am I missing something out ? no! thats about it guys. Untill next time!