Command Prompt Tutorial 2

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Hello once again.

Now I will continue the cmd tutorials and talk about switch

switch are extra … what can you call it … settings which are used with the command to make it behave diffrently than usuall.

Before i get into switch. I would like to add that if you are having a problem with a particular command then just type the command followed by ‘/?’ to get the help file regarding that topic

help /?

Getting back to switch. I will give you an example. as we know by now, the dir command gives the content of that particualr folder. But if you are in a folder that has a lot of sub-folders then having so much information all at once is close to useless. by adding the ‘/p’ at the end of the command, the dir command pauses at the end of each screen full of information and continues only once you press any key. the syntax will be dir /p

similarly dir /w fits more information on a single screen by putting it in coulmns!

use the ‘/?’ switch to find out more useful switches for each command!

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