Rainmeter Skin Settings

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hey people.

Now this post is strictly for those people who havent fooled around with a software like Rainmeter before. Basically, there are some particular widgets like weather, RSS feeds, Email, and notes which need a personal touch. whether it be your email ID and password combination or the link to that particualr website feed or your location so as to get the weather forcast of your region.

Those of you who are really concerned about your security and privacy, let me tell you that as far as I know, the information that you put in these widgets are not gonna be distributed or hijacked by any hacker. and I am quite sure of this. The info is used by the widget to contact that particular site or service and verify that it is actually you who is trying to retrieve those email from yahoo! or incase of RSS feeds, the widget needs to know which site to contact and get the data from. So you see if you want those features on your desktop and just a click away from you then these steps are necessary!

Now suppose you want an RSS feeds of Anarchia’s Site! There are two ways of going about it. one is to open up the widget using the rainmeter icon on your taskbar, and then right clicking on the widget and selecting Skin Menu -> Edit Skin… or you could go to your document folder and then navigating to your Rainmeter -> Skins -> Enigma -> Taskbar -> Readers -> Reader.ini file and then right clicking and editing. Both these methods will take you here:


Now the ReaderURL is the link of your sites RSS feed. In our case the RSS feed of Anarchia is https://anarchia3lites.wordpress.com/feed/ you can get this by scrolling to the end of our homepage and clicking on one of the two RSS feeds widget. So now, put the above link for the variable ReaderURL. The variable ReaderLink is the where your browser will take you if you click on the icon. in our case it is https://anarchia3lites.wordpress.com . So you see, every widget that needs that personal info or custom settings can be handled in this way. and the writers of these skins are smart enough to make the skin in the first place and also give ample information in the form of comments. Only thing you need to do is edit the .ini file of that particular widget.

Cheers guys. Hope this was helpful. if there are any doubts. Please do comment or mail. This ends our Rainmeter related posts. Next time, next topic!