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And yes we finally come to the mother of all customization softwares. Rainmeter!! Now this tutorial is gonna be quite long, Its gonna be very informative and most of all I am guessing this particular  post will get the most hit. why you ask? because this software will make your computer look from this:


To this:

modified 27 May 2009 - desktop screenshot

This software will be more beneficial to those people who are completely used to seeing there desktop cluttered with icons, shortcuts and files. For the rest who have already dabbled with customization this might seem to them as same shit different day. But for all its worth, I’d deffinately reccomend Rainmeter for those of you who want to give their desktop a face lift!

so go to www.rainmeter.net and download and install the 32 bit version or the 64 bit version depending on your system.

install rainmeter

once the icon of rainmeter is on your desktop then just double click it, you will see the rainmeter process running on your taskbar and within a few short secconds you will have a screen that looks like this:


the good thing about rainmeter is that it gives you a lot of freedom! you can put as many widgets as you want and drag them seperately, change their visibility, the way they are positioned on your desktop etc. etc. softwares like ‘serious samurize’ allow only one widget at a time although in samurize’s defence, it has some great features to make your own widgets

anyways, now there are limitless possibility to fiddle with Rainmeter. already included in the installation pacakage is one great skin which is called Enigma. It is by far one of the sexiest rainmeter skins I have seen so far. inorder to add more widgets from the enigma skin. just right-click on rainmeter from your taskbar then configs -> Enigma -> and then just choose the particular skin you want.


best way to learn is to experiment. bring out all the widgets of enigma on your desktop then drag it around until you are satisfied with the arrangement. It’s a lot more better than dragging icons around so that you can see a bit more of your screen !! 🙂

If you want a different insight on the same topic, I suggest you go to this indexed.tk the article is under “getting the desktop of your dream”. It also expalins installation and operating rainmeter. Have a look around that sight as well.

next post I will tell you how to add more skins to your rainmeter. Where to get amazing skins from and if you are really interested, how to make these damn widgets (but I warn you it will just be a link as I’d like to move on to other topics. and furthermore it ain’t easy)