Add-on for RocketDock

Posted on 18/09/2009 by


hey guys .. seems like a long time I havent posted anything. To top that, Jagenau and Eriboss seemed to have droped from the face of the Earth. and 5ai7al has yet to make his debut post but I’m not holding my breath 😉 . all of us have been occupied by something or the other and blogging is something that if not done daily or with enthusiasm, the habbit is lost. I think Jag is going through that but hopefuly il set him right 🙂

Frankly speaking there has been almost no activity here. Both contributor wise and reader wise and the little or so traffic we do get is no doubt all thanks to Ellahax who is still keeping me and the rest of us updated with her CSS tutorials and now she has moved on to Javascript. A BIG thanks to Ellahax from my side for that.

Ahh well … no two days are the same!

If you have read my previous post, you will know all about RocketDock. Well if you have been fooling around with it you will notice that if you click on any of the icons on RocketDock, the respective window opens up and then, if required, you have to navigate to the desired sub-folder through that newly opened window.

But if you want to tweak RocketDock a step further then you will be happy to know that there is an addon which makes all the sub-folders neatly drop down in a drop-down menu fashion when you click on the icon. A screen print is given to show what I mean:


Now the addon is called StackDocklet and you can find it … wait for it … here

once the .zip file is downloaded, extract it to C:\Program files\RocketDock\Docklets. Then nothin’ to it, just right click on the dock select New -> Stack Docklet which will make an icon appear on your dock. right click that icon and customize it to display which ever path you want and also the type of display you want. Here are a few more screen shots which probably wont be required but I threw them in just incase: