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I’m not a great fan of macbooks myself but you have to admit that there are some great features in a Mac that you dont find any where else and no matter how big a die-hard fan of windows you maybe, unless you are completely blind, you will know what I say is true.

Now, we dont meed to get into too much detail on what exactly is so great about a Mac ’cause today im gonna introduce a simple software which looks very much like the docklet that you find at the bottom of every Mac screen which holds filespaths, shortcuts to applications and folders. Basic Idea is for your desktop to look clutter free for ONCE. lol. so that you can finally see you wallpaper or load your desktop with widgets. whatever keeps you happy!

A lot of you might have heard of this software and a lot of you will hear it now for the first time. anyways The name of the software is … you guessed it …  RocketDock.

So …. Install it:

installing RocketDock

then nothing to it, just click the desktop icon and voila! the dock is contently sitting on your desktop. You can change its settings and also add new filepaths or shortcuts by just right clicking on any part of the dock and selecting add item then just select the path of the file/folder from the navigation window and drag this new shortcut to whichever place on the dock you want. Here are a couple of screen prints:

RocketDock Settings

adding an item to the dock

And incase you are wondering how come my desktop looks so familiar yet so different. Its cause what you are looking at is Windows 7 Ultimate (full version!). its not officially out yet where I live. How i got this is strictly confidential 🙂