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I am sorry guys but I wont be posting for the next couple of days. I need to sort out some things. In the meanwhile I urge jagenau, Ellahax and Eriboss to please post and update this weblog in my absence

This site has been built for only ONE purpose: to share knowledge. there is no monetary rewards in store for me or for any of the other contributors if we post. This is purely for the enjoyment and benefit of you readers. So just enjoy this site and if you feel this site is worthy enough then pass on the word … or else wait for the site ’cause this site is or will be amazing … depends on your way of thinking. In order to post anything sensible, me and the rest of Anarchia is deffinately revisiting all the old topics which seem useless now. but they make a lot of sense. Even if you think that you know a lot about computing, you will be surprised by the number of people out there who don’t know much … this site is for them as well.

anyways after this rather long prep talk, I am signing off. When i do post again, it will be about rainmeter, rocket docks, some amazing and very conveniant firefox addons. In no time at all we will be discussing advanced networking, IP spoofing, email spoofing, how to secure your network and all of the other “taboo” stuff. Rest assured that Anarchia has knowledge on that as well.

‘curiosity is not a crime’



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