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hey guys. Its Nice to be posting on anarchia news again … gotta admit this is one of my favorite categories .. nothing like sharing the small things that we have achieved with the crew of anarchia and all you people who take the time out to read this website.

It’s been exactly 6 days since this blog was launched…exactly 4 days since jag (short for jaganaw) joined and already we have been graced by 100 visitors … now I know that this is a small number compared to what the seasoned bloggers and webmasters get. But its great to have 100 visitors to this blog in 6 days. and I am also posting this to thank you guys for visiting and encourage you to pass on the word of this website so that we in turn are encouraged to give better blogs faster and get done with the basics ASAP. I have tried to make this blog beneficial to people from all levels of technical know-how and hence why we are covering the basics. But trust me once we are done with this (which will happen soon) we will come to the really cool stuff. So hang on… and ya .. guranteed you are not the only one reading this 😉

cheers guys

keep it up

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