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Hey everyone, I thought that this time I’ll talk about getting past those troublesome occurrences that happen when one tries to install pirated software. When you download a new program or a game for that matter, the file either seems to be an image file (.iso or .mds) or a zipped file with the extension name of .7z. The latter can be opened with Winrar or the latest winzip to obtain either the image file or an .exe file directly.

The question that might arise would be “ what type of file would be classified as an image file?”. An image file is literally a program made to an image that would have been used for making a CD. Opening these type of files can sometimes open when one actually burns a CD. However, instead of wasting valuable time and money (CDs don’t grow on trees!). So then it would be advisable and less cumbersome to download a program called daemon tools which one can obtain by just searching in Google.

Daemon tools tweaks with your computer’s registry and enable one to create up to 4 virtual drives that can be used to mount these image files on so that one can directly open these files.

Even though there are a number of softwares that can be used, I would recommend daemon tools due to its association with a variety of files, namely:

  1. .MDS
  2. .ISO
  3. .CUE
  4. B5T
  5. B6T
  6. BWT
  7. CCD
  8. ISZ
  9. NRG
  10. PDI
  11. CDI

Daemon tools Compatability

After installing the software, it would advisable to restart the PC since the registry needs to be altered. If one right clicks on the Daemon tools icon (which looks like a lightning bolt on the bottom right side of the screen) one would find the drop down menu. To set the number of virtual drives (so that do not have to mount and un-mount separate files) you would have to click on the Virtual CD/DVD ROM part and then set the number. This process should take a minute or two but once its done, you can start using it with image files. Now to mount a file you would have to go through the following steps.

daemon tools right click menu

  1. Left click on the lightning bolt symbol (the one located in the right hand corner.)
  2. Select the device that you want to mount the image file on.
  3. A File explorer will open up to help search for the file on the PC.
  4. Once mounted the Icon of the program would appear in my computer as if it’s a separate CD that has been inserted into the PC.
  5. And then use it like a CD/DVD ROM from the same placeJ.
  6. After the image file has been used it can be un-mounted.

daemon tools left click menu

Daemon tools file explorer

I hope that this post is helpful. Until next time amigos.


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