HTML – tutorial 1

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HTML essentially stands for hyper text markup language. This language consists of keywords  that are more commonly known as HTML Tags which are enclosed within brackets (<>). As one would notice, these tags are almost always present in pairs i.e. <h1> Heading </h1>. The closing tags, i.e. the second tags usually start with a </. Tags are used to interpret the contents of a web page.

These HTML documents are read by browsers as Web Pages. In other words, if a notepad file is saved with the extension .htm or .html it would be viewed as a web page by any internet browser.

The Basis of a simplistic Web page


<H1> The heading of the page </H1>

<p> The paragraph </p>


  1. <html> onwards describes the web page.
  2. <body>  shows the content on the page
  3. <h1> displays the heading of the page
  4. <p> puts the text into a paragraph.

The page would look like:

HTML prototype pageUntill Next Time


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