Windows registry – An Introduction

Posted on 30/08/2009 by


All right! first off.. windows registry!

basically your windows registry is the spinal cord of you operating system. everything from how the operating system functions to how your different ‘wares behave to how your OS looks is stored in here. it also contains settings of your hardware and your personal user settings. so basically almost everything!

Now windows believes that by keeping the registry in some remote corner of the OS and by giving the root keys (root folders) weird names they can stop us nosy tech-heads from messing around with it. That ain’t gonna happen. BUT be forewarned, the registry, like I said earlier, is the nerve center of your computer.  So if you misplace some value, change the wrong settings or mess up in the thousand and one ways out there, your computer might be severely damaged and your only option might be to re-install your operating system. so be careful and follow the instructions carefully. I assure you that the instructions I give in the following Post are accurate and wont mess up your box provided that you follow through word by word. Another good practice is to make a copy of your registry ( how this is done and many more ‘safe’ practices will be shown in the next post)

one more thing, I am making these entries while keeping Vista OS in mind. But the good news is that there is not much difference in the registry settings of XP & Vista. but still verify before you do anything else.