Good practices prior to doing anything radical to the Registry

Posted on 30/08/2009 by


As said earlier, it is crucial to make a copy of the registry so that even if you screw up, you can still get your PC back to normal.

The steps to create a restore point are:

  • Click on the vista start orb
  • Type systempropertiesprotection and hit enter.
  • If you are asked for an administrator password, type the password or click allow if your already working from your administrator account
  • Then in the system properties dialog box, on the system protection tab, click Create.
  • Type any name for your restore point and then click create.
  • Then just click ok two times, once the restore point has been successfully created

Note that this procedure is for the Windows Vista Operating system.

Other things to bear in mind before you get to registry tweaking are that there is always more than one solution to a particular problem. If there is something bothering you about your computer and you think that making changes in the registry is the only way out … think again. Google your problem out. There might be another solution which does not include regedit. Also, always refer to a guide or a manual when editing the registry until and unless you are 100% sure that you know the exact procedure of making that particular change. Being over confident may ruin your or your friends computer. One other major point is to learn how to perform a remote registry edit using ‘Connect Network Registry’ so that you can rectify your mistake (incase you make one …) through another computer in the same network.

next post onwards we will learn some simple tweaks and hacks for the registry.